Macquarie Hand Surgery

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Associate Professor Graham J. Gumley, FRACS, FAOrthA  is head of the Macquarie Hand Unit and has brought together a number of leading Sydney hand surgeons who also consult in the rooms at Macquarie Hand Unit.

These surgeons include:

  • Assoc Prof Graham Gumley, FRACS, FRCSEd(Orth), FAOrthA, MHEd specialises in nerve compression disorders, wrist arthroscopy, reconstruction following trauma and microsurgery.
  • Dr Simon Chan, FRACS, FAOrthA manages adult hand & wrist conditions, with a particular interest in wrist arthroscopy and carpal problems.
  • Dr Michael Dowd, FRACS, FRCS(Plas) whose interests lie in hand surgery including soft tissue disorders such as CTS, Dupuytrens disease, DeQuervains, trigger finger and arthritis of the fingers.
  • Dr Damian Ryan, FRACS, FAOrthA whose interests are in the hand and wrist, peripheral nerve injuries and microsurgery. Special interests include surgery for arthritis of the wrist and hand.
  • Dr Nicholas Smith, FRACS, FAOrthA whose interests include hand and wrist surgery, especially wrist arthroscopy, thumb arthritis and congenital (children’s) hand surgery.
  • Dr Ian Yuen, FRACS(Orth), FAOrthA whose main areas of clinical interest are fractures and ligament injuries of the hand and wrist, minimally invasive management of Dupuytren's contracture, management of sports injuries and complex trauma.